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About Me

Welcome to Mum About The Home

If you’re anything like me, you’ve clicked on my ‘About Me’ page for two reasons, firstly, you’re curious about the person behind the blog, you want to know who she is, you’re wondering if you have a connection, and if she’s someone you would want to be friends with. Secondly, you want to know what the blog is all about, see if it’s something you can relate to, or are interested in, and ultimately therefore, decide if it’s worth your time hanging around.


I get it! After I’ve read something I love, the next thing I do is go to the ‘About me’ page. I want to see the face behind the post, I want to listen to her story and see if anything resonates with me, and if it does, I stick around to read more.

So allow me to introduce myself, and we can take it from there.

I’m Hannah…

…a thirty-something mum from Kent, England, and the voice behind Mum About The Home. I have been married to the gorgeous Alex for almost 9 years, and we have two beautiful girls, Zoe, who’s just turned 3, and Sophia, who is 9 months old and counting.

Motherhood and Faith

At the heart of this blog, you will discover two things that are so entwined with each other that it would be impossible to separate them from each other, or from me: Motherhood and Faith. These two callings are at the very core of who I am, they define and shape my life.

Family Time

I also love drinking hot cups of tea, binge watching Greys Anatomy, singing in the shower, eating Haribo, and discovering new cake recipes to try! Since becoming Zoe and Sophia’s mummy, my hobbies have evolved somewhat and now include attending tea parties with teddies, having stickers plastered all over my face and singing ‘baby shark’ on loop.

The idea for this blog was conceived at about 2am one morning, after stumbling upon an article by an inspiring fellow mum blogger on Facebook, whilst trying to stay awake long enough to feed Sophia. The seed of blogging was planted, it took root and I haven’t looked back since.

Blindsided by motherhood

As a mum of two littlies myself, I know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed as a mum. As a new mum, I felt blindsided by the many aspects of motherhood that I hadn’t been expecting. I struggled to get anything done and wondered if I would ever be on time for anything again. Then just as I was starting to get the hang of it, Sophia was born and it was back to square one. I’ve since come to realise that the challenges of motherhood simply evolve with time. And that each season of parenting brings with it different challenges to overcome and more precious moments to enjoy.

The beautiful Zoe

I’ve also realised that these precious moments can very easily be missed in the fog of tiredness, the busyness of trying to get everything done and the general rushing around and frustrations that come with being a mum.

“Treasure in the trials”

Finding treasure in the trials is not only the tagline of this blog, but also something I try to do every day. Finding treasure in the trials simply refers to the active search we have to make in pursuit of the goodness, beauty and grace that can be found alongside the ordinary, the stressful and the mundane aspects of mum life.

Enjoying the many treasures of motherhood only happens for me when I make the deliberate choice to live in the moment, putting the many distractions to one side (including my phone and the stacked up dishes in the kitchen) and simply ‘be’ with my girls, giving them my full and undivided attention. This is not something that I have found easy to do(!), or that comes naturally to me, but I’ve discovered that as I practice this discipline of being actively engaged with my girls, and purpose to do this more and more, that’s when the magic of motherhood really happens.

This blog is here as much to help other mums remember (or discover for the first time) the many treasures of motherhood, as it is to pass on some of the many tips and tricks I’ve discovered along the way. Awesome things that are helping to make the journey a bit easier, simpler and joy-filled. And who doesn’t want that, right?

Mum About The Home Cuddles with Sophia

I love being a mum, it’s a high calling and with it comes great responsibility. But the weightiness that I felt in the beginning, that was almost suffocating at times, has given way to a new lightness and peace, as I accept the grace from my heavenly Daddy that it’s OK to make mistakes and not be a perfect mum. I hope that as you follow my honest journey here on Mum About The Home, some of this lightness will rub off on you, as you (re)discover the many riches of motherhood.

But that’s enough about me

What about you? I love that you made it to the end of my ‘about me’ page. I really hope you’ll come back soon and that we can be friends. I would love to get to know you better, so if you have 5 minutes, please click on this link and tell me something about yourself. While you’re there tell me what you love most about being a mum, and the thing you find the most challenging. I can’t wait to hear from you soon!

Lots of love,

Hannah xxx

Tea party with teddies

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